Porridge with three non-grain (oats, buckwheat and quinoa) - Gluten Free

Porridge with three non-grain (oats, buckwheat and quinoa)


Porridge is a breakfast classic. It is also an excellent gluten-free alternative. It is usually prepared with only oats, easy to digest and makes us feel full for longer. Partly responsible for this effect are the yoghurt, fruit and peanut butter often served with the porridge.

This porridge recipe is enriched with buckwheat and quinoa, making it more exciting and unique, and the texture takes advantage of it too.

Among the fruit that best accompanies this breakfast, we find blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, but it is also excellent with peaches, apricots and ripe pears.


For 2 portions, preparation time 5 minutes, cooking time 10 minutes:

  • 100gr oats
  • 75gr buckwheat
  • 100gr quinoa
  • Butter
  • salt
  • 200ml Water or milk (cow or vegetable)
  • Fruit to taste, yoghurt, peanut butter and maple syrup for serving


1 – In a bowl, combine buckwheat and quinoa previously rinsed, pour over boiling water (double of the volume) and leave to one side. Meanwhile, lightly toast the oats in a saucepan.

2 – When the oats give off a slight smell of popcorn, add soaked buckwheat and quinoa and mix well. Cook everything for a few minutes, continuously stirring.

3 – Then add the milk or water and cook until the three non-grains are well cooked. When cooked, add a knob of butter served hot with fresh seasonal fruit, chopped walnuts and peanut butter.


– For a lighter porridge, cook the three non-grains with water and add yoghurt and peanut butter to enhance the flavours.

– This porridge can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge for a couple of days.

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