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Macaroons, one of the most delicious treats in the world


Worldwide famous, macaroons are among the most delicious treats! The key ingredients are egg white and almond flour. Some find that a day or two old egg whites are the best and even better if left at room temperature. While I have no preference for the first option, I am definitely on the “room temp” team!

Almond flour must be super fine, or chances are the ingredient’s yield will change, leaving you with a different recipe! And I prefer almond flour made of peeled almonds. As for the colour, I always recommend the powder one because it will not affect the consistency, and cocoa powder is well suited too.

For the filling, you can indulge yourself as you like by adding flavours that you like best, peanut butter, vanilla, rose, you name it. For impeccable macaroons, do not miss the tips at the bottom of the recipe!


  • For 30 discs, preparation time 35 minutes + 20 minutes to let the macaroons rest
  • 60g icing sugar
  • 45gr almond flour extra-fine
  • 1 egg white
  • 25g granulated sugar
  • Optional cocoa powder / powder food colouring
  • For the cream
  • 200ml double cream
  • 40gr white chocolate
  • 40gr dark chocolate


1 – Before starting the macaroons’ preparation, pass a clean cloth soaked in a bit of vinegar over all the utensils you will use to whip the whites. Separate the yolk from the egg white, pour the latter into a large bowl, and beat it lightly – you can use either an electric whisk or by hand – add the caster sugar and keep whisking.

2 – Once the egg white has been whipped to stiff peaks, sift the almond flour and the icing sugar at least a couple of times to avoid any possible lump and add them to the egg white. Fold the almond flour and sugar using a spatula, be firm, but without removing the air from the mixture, mix by going around the bowl’s edges, from bottom to top and then cut through the middle and then return to the edges.

3 – If you decide to colour your macaroons, you want to add the colour at this stage. Add a teaspoon of sifted cocoa powder or a pinch of powdered food colour and mix well. Careful not to overwork it.

4 – Fill a pastry bag and pipe discs on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Drop the tray from above to eliminate any bubbles. Let the macaroons rest before baking for at least 20 minutes.

5 – Bake at 130-140° C for 12-15 minutes. The time will depend on your oven, but try not to open it for at least the first 12 minutes, or your macaroons will flatten.


6 – For the cream, melt some white or dark chocolate in the microwave with 10ml of double cream, about 30 seconds. Once out of the microwave, add the remaining 10ml of cream and mix well, let it cool and transfer it to a pastry bag. Fill your macaroons and enjoy!

Tips and tricks

A ventilated environment, neither too hot nor too cold, will be suitable for preparing macaroons. Using a fan could be helpful, especially in the summer.

Liquid or gel dyes could weaken the egg white structure, which will become quite liquid. For best results, use only powder dyes

If your almond flour is too coarse, chop it in a blender

Try not to work the mixture too much, or the macaroons will be flat

If you don’t incorporate the flour and sugar properly, the macaroons could be almost like meringues

If the oven is too high, cracks may form. Test your oven, at least for the first batch.

If you want, macaroons can be frozen. They will be perfect as freshly baked!

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